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Does waxing hurt?


I am very quick and gentle, a little bit of tingling afterward is completely normal.  If you come in during your cycle, make sure to take an ibuprofen at least one hour before your appointment.

Do you offer threading?

I don't offer threading, however I can tweeze if you have a sensitivity to waxing.


Will I be red afterward?


How red your skin may get is completely based differently for each client, however I use a soothing after wax cream and concealer.


I have had a bad brow waxing experience, will my brows end up too thin?


I will assure you that your will not leave with overly waxed or tweezed eyebrows.  My philosophy is "the fuller, the better". I will give you a consultation before I remove one hair from your face.


What if I can't be waxed?


If you are using any Retin A products or Accutane, you will need to be tweezed.  If you are sensitive or allergic to wax, please notify me ahead of our appointment.


My skin in sensitive, will waxing make me break out?


Waxing can cause hives or breakout, you may purchase a hydrocotisone to use for after care if you get hives.  If you tend to break out from waxing, I will use high frequency to help kill bacteria in the area.


How often will I need to come in?


On average, hair grows back in 21 days, so every 3-4 weeks would be ideal.

How do I get an appointment?

Please visit my homepage and click on the link that says "book now". I cannot accommodate walk-in appointments.




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